Student's Work Debuts in CACGV Show

by Erin Anderson

Recently, it was announced Grade 11 student Holly Trew will be one of seven Victoria student artists featured in the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria’s first Youth Group of Seven Show. The show, part of the council’s Arts and Education programme, is a way for talented artists in high school or university to gain gallery experience as well as for the public to see some outstanding work.

“The students themselves are very diverse,” says curator Lily Wallace. “There are endless amounts of talent there.”

Holly, who is the granddaughter of famed Barbados artist Jill Walker, is excited to have her artwork on display. She has done an oil painting of sea lions, based on a photo taken by a friend while diving at Race Rocks this winter, specifically for the show. The aquatic piece will fit in perfectly with the rest of Holly’s portfolio, most of which focuses on the form of the octopus.

“A lot of my stuff is more tropical,” she says. In part, the tropical focus comes from living most of her life in Barbados, where she spend this summer after completing her first year as a boarding student at SMUS.

Holly’s interest in art is also very much a product of her home life. “My whole family is really artistic,” she says. Her grandmother, now 83, still paints every day and introduced Holly to painting when she was very young. Though Holly shares her grandmother’s talent and passion for art, she’s still not sure if she will pursue art in her post-secondary studies.

“I really enjoy science as well,” she says, particularly biology. “There’s still a lot of time of think about what I want to do.”

The Youth Group of Seven Show runs June 25 to July 1, with an opening reception on Thursday, June 25.


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