Q and A with the New Head Prefects

As the school year winds down, our Head Boy and Girl also end their reign at SMUS. Recently, it was announced that Johnny Humphries and Emily Reid, who have served the school diligently this year, will be replaced by Brenna Nixon and Wonjin Kim, who are already excited for the next school year.

How did you become Head Girl/Boy?

Brenna: Becoming Head Girl is tied in with the prefect selection process, which involves submitting a good self-nomination and being successful in both the student and staff votes. Yet, ultimately, I think it came down to my involvement in the school.

Wonjin: After completing a self-nomination, I was voted in to the position by the staff and Grade 11 students.

What qualities does your partner possess that you think will be really helpful in his or her new role?

B: I am positive Wonjin will make an amazing Head Boy! He really has a lot going for him and is very well-respected by the student body. What I first think of is his charisma; he knows everyone, because people are drawn to his easy-going personality. He also has quite the infectious, high-pitched laugh.

W: Brenna has pretty much got it all. She’s diligent, kind and smart, which will make her easily approachable by anyone. Also, her wealth of public speaking skills should come in handy, because I’m expecting her to take over the “talking in assemblies” part for me!

What do you think is the most important aspect of being Head Boy/Girl?

B: The most important aspect is being a good role model, in order to gain the respect of the school community. In this way, changes are more likely to be accomplished.

W: I think being a head boy pretty much means setting a good example for the school. Obviously there are the classic head boy tasks, like speaking in assembly, attending school events and doing interviews, but it all comes down to setting the general tone for the school.

What duty are you most looking forward to?

B: I am most looking forward to September, to set the tone to both new and returning students. In addition, I am excited to meet with the new Prefect Council; I think we will work very well together, and I am interested in what ideas we, as a council, can come up with for the new school year.

W: Of all things, I am most looking forward to working with the Prefect Council. The group of prefects for the upcoming year is really diverse, which should make for some exciting discussions at our weekly meetings. I’m also excited about the Prefect Retreat; rumors are that we’ll be learning to do horse whispering!

Do you have any plans for next year? What will you do differently than your predecessor?

B: Being a boarder, I really want to work on connecting the boarding and day student communities, by continuing the house system and planning school spirit events. It is hard to say what our plans will be for the upcoming year, but I know that Wonjin and I will be unique from our predecessors.

W: Johnny and Emily have worked extremely hard this year to re-establish the house system, and it is something that our group will look to continue upon. I’ve also been getting suggestions that I should make assemblies a little more entertaining, so we’ll definitely try to incorporate some humour and fun into them.


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