Middle School Ties Up House Games

This Thursday, the annual Middle School Colours Day brought all of our Grade 6, 7 and 8 students to the SMUS field, where they competed in their house teams for points and subsequent bragging rights. This year was a special one for the games, as it was the first year that all the Grade 8 students were able to participate. The Grade 8 students did a remarkable job taking charge of their teams, keeping up their spirits and providing tips for different events.

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The games kicked off with team cheers. Bolton gave an impressive show of growling and predicted their own success; Winslow proclaimed they were number one; Barnacle, the red house, warned they were too hot to beat; and Wenman showed off their athletic abilities in a quick skit.

The first event was the shoe relay, where 10 members of each house left their shoes on one side of the field and raced, one by one, to find their shoes, put them on and get back to their team.

Next up was another relay race, which required each competitor to eat one string of liquorice, with no hands, before racing back. Then, students had to make a loop back to their house team after successfully carrying an egg on a spoon. Balloons, held between each player’s legs, were the challenging element in the next race, with the odd student chasing down a truant balloon.

The sack race was a much-anticipated event, as it had not been included in last year’s games. Students happily hopped around in the authentic potato sacks, before moving onto the Smarties race, in which they had to hold a piece of candy onto the end of a straw using only their mouth. The relay event was fast-paced, with more than one student making the whole distance without losing their grip.

The three-legged race was the final event before the much-anticipated tug-of-war, and was laden with suspense, due to it being worth twice as many points as the other events and because the teams were already neck and neck. Two teams tied for first place in the last race, which meant that – for the first time in house games history – all four teams were tied for the tug-of-war!

A few rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors decided who would compete against whom. In the first round, Winslow lost to a powerful Bolton and in the second, Wenman lost to a strong Barnacle side. Before the final match-up, Winslow and Wenman battled for third place, with Wenman winning. In the championship battle, the Bolton team was triumphant over Barnacle.


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