House Olympics 2009

House Olympics started off with the classic pre-game “surprise” water balloon fight, where we all attack the other house for a while, until we are all thoroughly wet, and then launch into a round of cheers and skits by each house.

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The first event was an obstacle course, a race of balance, flexibility, chopstick skills and water jug tossing. Barnacle took first for the boys and Symons snagged a first place for the girls.

The next event was the egg toss, and this year the eggs were tossed especially far. Timmis stole a first place in this event, even beating some of the boys’ houses, and Timmis’ brother house Bolton also managed a first-place finish.

The third event was the “Clapping Game,” a contest of mathematics, speed, and luck. The idea of the game is to clap if a number is a multiple of three or ends in a three. This was the game for the mathletes in the crowd. On the girls’ side, Symons Super Stars were once again victorious, and again Bolton Penguins for the boys’ side.

The fourth event was the “Mystery Relay,” and it was organized by our school’s very own environmental guru, Mr. Craig Farish. You guessed it; it was an environmental relay that consisted of making a list of 10 things that are good for the environment and a recycling sort. Timmis House won for the girls by a landslide with a combination of running speed and environmental knowledge, while Bolton proved to be the most environmentally-conscious boys’ house.

The final, but most anticipated event was the annual tug-of-war. Harvey House and Barnacle House started the first battle of strength, and broke the rope! The director of boarding, Mr. Hall, tried to fix the problem by tying the two haves together, only for the rope to split into two for the second time. Tug-of-war turned out to be a bust, so Timmis and Bolton brought out their remaining reserves of water balloons and the 2009 House Olympics were brought to a close with a splash.


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