SMUS Athletes on Track

The SMUS Junior School sent 75 athletes to the VISSA track and field championships this week, where they competed against other independent schools from the Lower Island. In the blazing heat of 32 degrees, our youngest athletes managed some outstanding achievements. 

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“Our relay teams were incredibly successful,” says coach Gary Barber, with SMUS winning most of the girls and boys races in Grades 3, 4 and 5. “This was very rewarding for our young athletes, who have been practicing before and after school and on Saturday mornings.”

On the individual racing side of things, the Junior School competitors also had some wonderful success. In the Grade 4 category, Sam Kahn won the 800m and 1500m races while Elise Marchessault won the 100m and 200m. Grade 5 girls Olivia Donald and Sena Youn won the 100m and the 200m respectively, Emma Frankenberger won the 100m and Grade 3 student Adam Moulden won the 100m.

Our Junior School athletes aren’t our only speedy students. At the Lower Island Middle Schools Sports Association (LIMSSA) Track and Field championships, the Grade 6 boys relay team smashed a LIMSSA record in the 4 x 100 relay by 2.84 seconds with a time of 56.0 flat.

Next up on the Junior School sports front will be the Celebration of Track and Field Athletics on Thursday June 11th, which will be an evening of storytelling, watching film footage of some of the most exciting races and celebrating the many achievements of the track team this year.

Friday, June 12th is Sports Day at the Junior School, and students from Grades 1-5 will play games and enjoy some fun, friendly competition on what will likely be another super-sunny day in Victoria.


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