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On May 31, many SMUS families took part in the World Partnership Walk fundraiser. Both the Junior and Middle Schools are huge supporters of the WPW, which funds development programmes in the world’s poorest regions. With many Junior School families involved in the walk itself and the Middle School holding its annual basketball fundraiser, SMUS managed to raise almost $20,000 for the cause.

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Below, Middle School teacher and WPW organizer Jim Williams writes about the WPW basketball game.

On May 28, the Middle School pitched in to support the World Partnership Walk (WPW), coordinated through the Aga Khan Foundation Canada. The day began as a service day, with students and staff donating money so they could don outfits of a “summer” theme.

In the afternoon, the traditional basketball game was held in fun support of the cause. Students were greeted at the gym by a flurry of WPW tattoos and the antics of our own Blue Jag mascot, and Xavier Abrioux greeted our special guest, Mr. Naz Rayani, ambassador for the WPW. Two co-ed teams were formed from Grade 8 boys’ and girls’ teams, and they were introduced along with their coaches, Keith Driscoll and Lisa Hyde-Lay. The teams were well matched, and the fast-paced game provided a good workout for referees Jim de Goede and Don Pollock.

At half-time, teachers Tanya Lee and Bob Newman joined students Abbey Piazza, Lindon Carter, Sophia Ducharme, and Dawit Workie at the foul line for an impressive display of freethrow shooting. Anonymous parents offered to donate to the WPW for each basket made in the two-minute limit, and when the buzzer had sounded, a combined total of 45 shots had been made!

At the end of the game, in spite of the score, both teams had won in terms of showing off some impressive ball-handling and shooting skills, and having fun. Mr. Rayani presented a copy of the book “Where Hope Takes Root,” a collection of speeches presented by His Royal Highness the Aga Khan, to Mr. Abrioux for the Middle School library. In the end, the Middle School had helped to raise $1480 for the World Partnership Walk.

Congratulations to all involved, and many thanks to the organizers of this event: parents Alison Hastings, Sikina Rossi, and Tammy MacKenzie; and teachers Jim de Goede and Nancy Mollenhauer.


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