Art Opens Doors for Students

This week, three of our students were featured in the Open Door to Art Show at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Grade 11 students Yoon Ha Chung, Rachel Kim and Jasmine Lin were selected by Senior School art teacher Anna Forbes to participate in the program and create a piece for the show that was influenced by one of the pieces shown in the gallery this year.

“My piece is about my friends,” says Grade 11 boarder Yoon Ha Chung. Her collage was inspired both by a gallery piece called “Friends” and this year’s Free Hugs Day. The poster consists of photos of her friends laughing and the slogan “Free Laughing Zone.” Fellow SMUS artist Jasmine Lin submitted an oil painting entitled “Touch the Sky” and Rachel Kim contributed a watercolour and ink piece that combined the images of a stuffed bear and an animated man.

“It was so cool,” says Yoon Ha of the show. “There were so many different styles of art.”

Some of her favourite pieces by other students were an acrylic painting of a leaf, made interesting by dramatic colours and brush strokes as well as a series of small pen drawings. Part of the goal of the Open Door to Art programme was for the students to connect with the work of other artists and see the variety of possibility in the world of art.

“This year, I’ve done a lot of work on breadth,” says Yoon Ha of her growing art portfolio. “It’s showing how many different mediums you can work in.”

When she returns to Korea for the summer, Yoon Ha plans to continue working on her AP Studio Art portfolio and when she returns in September, she will be taking Grade 12 AP Art, AP Art History and possibly the extracurricular ceramics class. She also hopes to pursue art in her post-secondary studies somewhere in the United States.

The Open Door to Art show is on display at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria until June 7th.


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