Grade 1 Students Love Bugs

The Victoria Bug Zoo welcomed Ms. Galloway’s Grade 1 class this week, as the student followed up their insect studies with a field trip to meet a few special creatures similar to the ones they had been learning about. Students enjoyed some very hands-on lessons as they played with a leaf insect, a praying mantis and a tarantula (which was held by their parent chaperones).

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The students were also able to see a scorpion, which glowed in the dark, and to play around with millipedes, which tickled their hands and faces with their multitude of legs. After the visit, the student resumed work on their insect projects and used their artistic skills to draw some of their insect friends.

As a special treat, the students were able to enjoy insect-shaped treats in the form of salt and vinegar crickets and cheddar cheese larvae, which their teacher brought back for them to munch on while they worked.


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