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The Richmond Road campus was dotted with hot pink t-shirts today, as hundreds of students supported Keep the Beat, an annual event in support of War Child Canada. The t-shirts, which were designed by Jake McCloskey, were sold along with CDs featuring many popular SMUS musicians to raise funds for children affected by war.

Over the lunch hour, musically-inclined students were invited to perform in the Christine Duke theatre. Will Jevne kicked off the concert with an original acoustic song. Next up, Monica Rossa played her own version of Billy Joel’s “She’s Got a Way.” Head boy Johnny Humphries joined DJ Legit Tom Zheng on the turntables as well as Victor Ma, Janine Hsu and Michael Ip on keyboard for an unusual cello and electronic collaboration.

Shaun Ko, Ross Prager, and Kristijan Gjorgjevik had the crowd alternately cheering and laughing with their performance of Journey’s classic tune “Don’t Stop Believin.” Brian Christensen, who contributed two songs to this year’s Keep the Beat CD, sang and played guitar solo, while Tom Bridger, Jake Kislock, Rory Lattimer, Beau Parker and Mike Fuailefau performed the recent New Kids on the Block hit “Summertime.”

In between songs, students were able to bid on limited edition gold Keep the Beat t-shirts and show their appreciation for the artists by dropping some cash into donation buckets. After the concert, organizers Emily Reid and Jake McCloskey led students to the field for a game of musical chairs before heading back to class. Tonight, students will be performing in two talent shows (check SMUSTube next week for video) to raise even more money for the cause.

Keep the Beat festivities will continue in June, as Chantal Kreviazuk, a renowned Canadian singer and activist, will be performing at SMUS on June 23rd. The songs from this year’s Keep the Beat CD are available on SMUSTube and Head of School Bob Snowden has written about the event on his blog.


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