Keep the Beat – Chantal Kreviazuk


So much music happening! The sun is brilliant. It is recess. Pink Keep the Beat t-shirts are moving around the main quad. At the moment students are selling these t-shirts, so it actually looks like pink is being cloned minute by minute. As I write these sentences, and recess progresses, this small pink swarm is becoming a happy and somewhat giddy infestation, as students don their new tops. Earlier, in Chapel, a few messages kicked the day off, along with a Youtube version of “Stand by Me”, and finished with a live version the “Keep the Beat” song and of “Stand By Me”. Acoustic concert at lunch. More musical talent after school till early evening, and then a dance. Advanced Placement exams ended a few days ago, so there is a festive glow in the air.

At our school, War Child has captured the imaginations of our students. This organization raises money and undertakes projects for children who are the victims of war, throughout the world. The events associated with our support of this cause culminate in today’s Keep the Beat. In October, we received from War Child Canada a special recognition which I mentioned in a blog entry, as a school that was a major contributor to the organization. Unfortunately, the visit last fall of Samantha Nutt, Executive Director of War Child Canada, had to be postponed because she was stranded in Darfur. But she will be making that visit up at the end of June. And it will be announced at lunch today that with her will be coming Chantal Kreviazuk, well-known Canadian recording artist and supporter of Warchild, who will perform a private concert at the school on June 23. The concert will take place either in the Chapel or the Tyndall Strings room, and will also include some of our own musicians. Details will be forthcoming about tickets and the venue. The students who form our chapter of Warchild, along with Donna Williams, Head of the Music Department, who is the staff advisor of the whole project, deserve a huge amount of credit. Fantastic!


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