Middle School Art on Display

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Last weekend, 35 Middle School students had their art on display at the annual Independent School Association (ISA) Art Show. The two-day event featured work from 11 different schools.

“It was great to see the outstanding artwork of our students on display alongside work from other schools,” says art teacher Leanne Wilkins.

Throughout the year, each grade has been working on many different projects. The ISA show included Grade 6 name quilts, Grade 8 graffiti designs and Grade 7 paper molas, which are made by cutting designs out of layers of coloured paper. Other art projects were Grade 8 clay bowls, Grade 7 tape sculptures, Grade 6 optical art, Grade 7 freaky faces, Grade 6 stained glass paintings.

“We try to include work from all three grades and we try to include work from a variety of art assignments,” says Ms. Wilkins.

At the end of the month, the SMUS Middle School is participating in the In The Middle art show, hosted by the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria. In its first year, the show will include just 10 pieces from each of the seven schools involved. SMUS pieces selected for the show include a Grade 6 stained glass painting, a Grade 8 clay vase and a piece of fused glass completed by a Grade 7 student at Art Club.

In The Middle runs May 28 to June 3 and will kick-off with an opening reception on Thursday, May 28 from 6-9 pm at the CAC gallery at G-6, 1001 Douglas St.


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