Grade 4 Poets Present Work

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This week, Grade 4 students took over local coffee house the Black Stilt and shared poems with their siblings, parents, grandparents and teachers. Each student shared a poem of their choice and each class recited a poem as a group. The children also showed off their artistic abilities by painting pictures to accompany their poetry.

The upcoming Olympics, nature and favourite pets were some of the subjects of the short verses. The young wordsmiths incorporated personification, visual imagery, and abstract ideas into their simple lines, and a few even incorporated some dramatic performance. More than one student poet had the whole audience laughing with their clever comedy, and all students overcame their jitters to present their work to a very full house.

The 4H class came together to present “Sick” by Shel Silverstein, which is about various afflictions that prevent children from going to school, and the 4J class acted out “Drumheller Dinosaur Dance,” which describes the bones of dinosaurs coming to life.

This is the first year the students have held their poetry evening off-campus, which was exciting for the student readers. Teachers Jane Rees and Heather Sandquist, along with student teacher Anna Kohler, have been working with the students on personal poetry journals all term in preparation for their debut at the Black Stilt, which is owned by David Crothall ’95.


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