Student Work Debuts in Gallery

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Last night, several of our students saw their work go on display at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The opening was the culmination of the students’ participation in the New Extremes program, which connects high school students with local artists, who work with the students to produce a specific project.

“I really can’t think of a better way to learn about art,” said Jon Tupper, director of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, as he introduced the exhibit. He complimented the SMUS artists on their work, which he thought showed “real richness in terms of creativity and personal expression.”

For their projects, the SMUS students focused on identity and produced three images that expressed different concepts of themselves: who I think I am, who people think I am and who nobody knows I am. Each image was the size of a CD cover and was accompanied by a CD, which played music connected to the identity concept.

“It gave me great insight into myself,” said student Megan Parker. “We never really think about who we are,” added Priya Mulgaonkar. “I learned so much about other people.”

In her opening remarks, Megan explained that digital media allows artists to do two main things; they can manipulate photos and they can create digital paintings, using the electronic tools the same way they would use a brush. For many of the participants, digital media was a new format.

“It was interesting and refreshing,” said Rachel Kim.

The students’ work will be on display until May 15th, and includes a multimedia set-up where the images they created are presented along with the music they selected. Also on display are CD cases, which show each image, include the chosen song and an artist statement on the aspect of their identity they wanted to express.


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