Grade 5 Students Meet Middle School

This week, the Grade 5 students saw a little bit of what their next year at SMUS will be like as they visited the Middle School for a day. The boys and girls joined the Grade 6 students in their classes, for lunch at Brown Hall, and were able to explore the campus that will become their academic home next September.

After being greeted by Mrs. Dariol Haydock, assistant director of the Middle School, the Grade 5 students were all paired with two buddies from the Middle School, who acted as companions for the day. The newcomers were excited at the prospect of having their own lockers, having access to a cafeteria, and sharing space with the Senior School students.

Though some students were a little intimidated by the size of the Middle School, almost all enjoyed having a wider variety of classes they will be able to take next year as well as the different facilities they will be able to access, like a bigger computer lab and gym.

At the end of the day, the Grade 5 students headed back to the Junior School enthused about the adventures they will have next year and excited to see their Middle School buddies again in September, when they will be schoolmates.


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