Grads Show Off Their Fashion Sense

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Last night, the school gymnasium was transformed into a runway, as the graduating class of 2009 held the annual SMUS Grad Fashion Show. The event, a fundraiser for the Grad Fund, brought in around 400 people, who enjoyed music, performances, cake, and high fashion.

“The theme this year was modern, high fashion,” says student organizer Ashley Solmer. A color scheme of black, white and silver gave the evening the feel of futuristic yet classic elegance.

Student Tom Zheng, known around campus as DJ Legit, handled the music, while the emceeing duties for the evening were shared by two teams: Head Girl Emily Reid and Jake Kislock handled the first half, while Sheena Campbell and Jonathan Cunningham wrapped up the night. Steve Meng and Lulu May also contributed, as Steve opened the show with a break-dance routine and Lulu performed interpretative dance to a James Bond theme song.

Grade 12 student designer Shun Kinoshita, who was recently featured in School Ties, had many of his friends walking the runway in his t-shirts. Also, of course, there were a ton of student models.

“Anybody who wants to can do it,” says Ashley of the model selection process. SMUS parent Rosyln van der Wal, a former model, gave the students a crash course in the art of the runway and choreographed the show for them.

To add to the professional feel, the student team brought in strobe lights and smoke machines. Fancy effects weren’t the only new addition to this year’s show. The organizers also came up with the idea for VIP tickets, which cost a little more, but came with a guaranteed front row seat and a small goody bag. Another innovation was the cake bar, where guests could sample different creations from the local Lighthouse Cake Company, one of many businesses involved in the fundraiser.

“Most of the clothes are from individual stores from downtown Victoria,” says Ashley. Other companies, contributed goods for door prizes, which were raffled off at the end of the night. The evening was a huge success in terms of turnout (about twice as many tickets were sold than last year) and in fundraising.


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