Grade 8 Poets Voice Their Work

On Monday, students and parents gathered on campus for a poetry reading, as Grade 8 students shared some of their favourite pieces of original writing. The students, who volunteered and were chosen from each Grade 8 class, read all kinds of verse, from haikus to elegies.

“All the Grade 8 students have been writing original poetry,” says English teacher Susan Vachon.

This is the first year that the Grade 8 students will have their work published in an anthology. The Grade 8 English teachers assembled the strong creative writing that came from their students in a new anthology, called Discovery, which will join Senior School anthology Between the Red Walls in the SMUS literary library. Middle School students Jason Chiu and Shayla Baumeler also contributed artwork for the publication, which was celebrated at the annual poetry café event.

“Lots of students came out to support the performers,” says Ms. Vachon. “The night was a huge success.”

The first edition of Discovery, which contains a poem from every Grade 8 student – including those in the ESL programme – will be published next week. Every student published within its pages will receive a copy and it’s currently available online


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