Grade 7 Students Bring History to Life

by Jim DeGoede, Grade 7 teacher

On Tuesday, May 12, several SMUS Grade 7 students stayed behind after school to convert room 305 into a museum and room 304 into a Middle Eastern restaurant. Around 6:00 pm, many Grade 7 students and their families came to visit the museum and admire the artefacts students had created based on their learning this year.

The museum was dimly lit with spot lighting while incense tingled the senses. The re-created treasures were inspired by cultures from around the world, from ancient China to Egypt and early Rome. Catapults, sacred cats, pyramids, gardens, towers and many other sights awaited the audience.

Each year, one display captures the attention of the room and this year it was a chariot built almost to scale. It was cleverly created and much admired by those passing by. Although crowded, many people worked their way through the displays and admired the handiwork of this year’s talented group of Grade 7 students.

After touring the museum, families could then enter the café where students served couscous, falafel, dates, pita bread, humus, tzatziki and dried apricots. Students not only served the food but they also were key to its preparation, learning important skills regarding food safety and cleanliness.

As the night drew to a close, the task of cleaning up the restaurant and converting it back to a working classroom for the next morning needed to be addressed and the food prep area returned to a science classroom. All this and much more were accomplished in just one night. Oh, to be in Grade 7 again!


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