Grade 1 Students Go to University

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This week, the Grade 1 class visited the University of Victoria in order to learn about post-secondary education. The students were able to explore the campus, ask UVic President David Turpin about university, and do some scientific activities.

First, the students met with the President David Turpin, who ushered them into his office and answered questions that they had. Students were very impressed with the Emily Carr paintings that Mr. Turpin had on the walls of the office and with the great view.

“Many students asked Mr. Turpin questions about his job,” says teacher Alison Galloway. Larry Yu asked “What does a president of a university do all day?” and Jenna Sedgwick asked “How do you know the names of all your students?”

The students also discussed possible career choices with Mr. Turpin, who recommended various programmes to them. For example, Peter Tang expressed his interest in becoming a surgeon, while Makayla Lintott and Charlotte Campbell talked about pursuing art. Angelina Shandro has perhaps the most ambitious plan, which is to become prime minister of Canada.

The student also enjoyed their walk around campus, which is dotted with wild rabbits, and students conducted a bunny survey by counting the number and colour of rabbits they encountered. After a bit of biology, the students moved on to experiment with chemistry.

“The students participated in a science experiment led by very enthusiastic and entertaining leaders from the Science Venture programme,” says Ms. Galloway. Students donned goggles and lab coats to experiment with a goopy concoction involving glue and borax. The resulting mixture was similar to silly putty and the children had a lot of fun playing with their creation before heading home.

“Students returned to the Junior campus excitedly discussing their trip,” says Ms. Galloway. “They were making plans to return to the university in the near future.”


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