SMUS Walks for Water

This Friday, over 80 students and staff carried pails of water around campus to show solidarity with the millions of people around the world who must travel long distances for water. Walk for Water is intended to raise funds as well as awareness about the global need for better water access.

“There’s a lot of awareness and education around the event,” says co-organizer Anna Fretz. The students’ goal is to keep the buckets of water moving from 8 am to 6 pm as well as raise over $3000 for the village they are sponsoring in Sri Lanka.

To make things fun, the 80 registered participants will be divided into teams, with their own names and costumes. Awards will be given out for who has the best costume, who shows the most spirit, who walks the furthest and who raised the most money for the cause.

“The entire Middle School came over at lunch hour, there’s a staff team, and all the Senior School gym classes are participating,” says Anna.

During the lunch hour, a barbeque and a performance by famed SMUS spinner DJ Legit kept everyone entertained. A water-themed bench-pressing competition and a water relay also gave the crowd something to cheer for, many already wearing Walk for Water t-shirts, designed by student Shun Kinoshita to raise money for the day’s cause.

At the end of the long day, the hard-working participants will be rewarded with a SMUS acoustic concert and pizza.


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