Monstrous Praise for Junior Cast

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This Friday evening will be the last performance of the Grade 5 production There’s a Monster in my Closet. Fortunately, earlier this week they did a special performance for their fellow Junior School students and the Grade 2 class wrote the cast some rave reviews.

“The St. Michaels University School Grade 5 class did There’s a Monster in my Closet and it ‘s the best play I have ever seen. Joe Johnson played Toady. It was funny when he said ‘Yes, your majesty.’ Also, the costumes were great. Jack, your performance was great!”- Alastair

“You can’t miss the Grade 5 play. In it, Jordan Kerr was the mom. She was really good at playing the mom. And also Laura Grohovac was a fairy. I really liked the fairies. Laura was a really good dancer. And her make-up was really good and her hair was really good.”- Zoe

“Jasper, a video-loving monster, is also a ten-star dancer. He is distracted easily and is bored. He is amazing.”- Marcus

“I saw the Grade 5 play and one of my favourite characters was the Dream King. His face went with his words. ”- Connor

“There were great costumes and they did an excellent job. The whole play was excellent. There was a lot of singing and dancing. ”- Olivia Lupin

“Luke Erasmus was a very good goblin. John Cook – he did really good singing and he had a cool pattern on his face. I was a little bit scared when I saw Luke. John had a very cool costume with all sorts of colours on it. ”- Jackson

“St. Michaels University School Grade 5’s put on an amazing play called “There’s a Monster in My Closet.” Sun-Eui is the friend of Emily. Her name is Stephanie in the play. She’s the one that watches cop shows. The costumes were very pretty.”- Isabella

“Emilia loves having sleepovers and writing stories. She has a great part as Emily. One day she figures out that there is a whole new world of monsters living in her closet. Keep up the good work Emilia!”- Olivia

“The make-up was very good and the costumes and acting were amazing in the show. I think it’s an excellent show. I recommend it!”- Anna

“Anika is very funny. She thought everything was a waste. She thought monsters aren’t real and then she saw monsters and she thought there are monsters.”- Lucas

“You can’t miss the Grade 5 play”- Angelo


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