Earth Week Grows at SMUS

Senior and Middle School students have been taking action on issues of sustainability in honour of Earth Week. Each day of the week was given a different environmental theme.

Monday, students focused on the use of electricity. Both schools had a lights out day and the boarding community kicked off its power usage competition. The boarding houses have each been given their own meter and whichever house most reduces their energy use will be rewarded with prizes and a chance to donate the power savings to a cause of their choice. For staff, the day included a presentation from a City Green representative about grants for improving home energy efficiency.

Tuesday, Senior School students addressed the issue of waste by sorting through various bags of garbage, dividing contents into recyclable, reusable and compostable goods in order to show how little of what travels to the landfill is actually garbage. Middle School students challenged themselves to have a garbage-free day, bringing their lunches in reusable containers.

Special guest Derek Masselink spoke in Senior School chapel on Wednesday about food production and sustainable communities, including the importance of using local food sources and growing your own food. In honour of this, Brown Hall produced fantastic meals using as many local and/or organic ingredients as possible. Organic free-run chicken, chickpea curry and wild salmon were just a few of the things on the menu.

Thursday was transportation day and both students and staff were encouraged to walk, bike, bus or carpool to school, and those that did were able to win a variety of prizes. Students and staff were also offered a free bus ride by SMUS transportation.

Two on-campus displays brought attention to our water consumption on Friday. The e-team showed how much water a typical Victoria resident uses doing everyday things while Walk for Water illustrated how little water is used elsewhere in the world, where it is much more difficult to access.


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