Concert Showcases Cross-Campus Voices

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This week, choral students from Grades 4-12 performed at the annual cross-campus choral concert. The Christ Church Cathedral was filled to the ceiling with parents, faculty and students who came for the eclectic show.

Under the guiding hand of Mr. Duncan Frater, the Grade 4 Choir kicked off the evening with “The Coffee Song,” a comical number about Brazil’s favourite beverage and the soft piece “In Native Worth.” Performing two songs from their upcoming musical, There’s a Monster in My Closet, the Grade 5 students garnered much laughter with their vocal observations on gender differences.

Beginning the Middle School’s portion of the evening, the Grade 6 Choir presented the slow and romantic “Adieu, Notre Petite Table,” about a couple parting ways. They followed it up with two adaptations of classical pieces from Chopin and Tchaikovsky. The Grade 7 singers performed a medley of nursery rhymes, which ranged from sweet to fantastical, as well as the wordless “Untitled.”

Accompanied by Mr. John Reid on the piano, the Grade 8 choral students performed “Fugue,” from 17th century composer Michael Praetorius, and “The Erl King,” a song based on the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poem. The Grades 11/12 Senior Choir encouraged the audience to snap along to the “Pink Panther” theme song before enjoying the more rowdy “All for Me Grog,” a traditional sea shanty about a multitude of human vices.

The Chamber Choir delivered two contrasting pieces on a common theme: “Goin’ Home,” a 19th century piece that built up to a powerful finish, and “Tell My Ma When I Go Home,” an Irish street song that had the whole church clapping to the beat. It was the Grades 9-12 Men’s Chorus that had the honour of capping off the concert, which they did with a surprising Beach Boys’ number, complete with Hawaiian shirts and backed-up with enthusiasm by Vaughn Stokes and Oliver Brooks on electric guitar and Grade 9 student Andrew Taylor on drums.


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