Washington University in St. Louis


WUSTL is a university of high ideals for high achievers with high hopes.  Set in the fascinating hub city of St. Louis, at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, and attracting bright students from around the world, WUSTL offers substantial freedom in degree choice and many opportunities for curricular integration.  Speaking with students on the quad or in the meal halls, one discovers that many of them had also applied to and been accepted at other universities like Cornell, Harvard, and Carnegie-Mellon, but chose Washington University in St. Louis because it offered them the chance to diversify their learning.  It is quite common at WUSTL to meet students who are doing two majors and a minor; it is uncommon to meet anyone who is studying in just one area.

The WUSTL approach to post-secondary studies emphasizes the value of connected and integrated study.  It also values entrepreneurship and encourages students to begin high-level research as soon as possible in their undergraduate degrees.  Offering superb student services, a spirited and inclusive campus life, beautiful, well-kept grounds and buildings, and some of the most approachable and friendly administrators and professors anywhere, WUSTL should be high on the application list for any student looking for a superb educational experience in the United States.  Photos:  above – a warm Spring day on campus, March 5/09; below – interior of the student centre at WUSTL.



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