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Bonjour de Montreal!  Je m’excuse de n’écrivant pas.

Okay, so maybe my French hasn’t gotten much better… but at least I’m trying right?

It’s been far too long since I’ve written, so here we go again, hopefully I stick to it this time.

Second Semester has flown by even faster than the first!  And when your spring break is only one week long it really makes you appreciate SMUS’ month long break.. So I’ll break life down in to a few, short, sections so that you can get through this blog quickly:


  • TPER210 – Is my second level acting course, in which we focus on realism. Tought by Harry Standjofski, a well known and accopmlished actor/director in both Montreal and Canada, the class has been a journey full of laughter and learning.  We’ve had the opportunity to work with various theatre and film directors in Montreal as well as spend a lot of time workshopping scenes and monologues with the class.
  • TDEV210 – The second level of Theatre and Development, this course focuses on the performer’s relationship to audience, and we’ve explored some really interesting performance pieces/plays. We basically read two plays a week (plus related articles) and then members of the class, the following week, lead a four hour workshop based on the material.
  • FFAR250 – Canadian Performing and Fine Arts – This is the lecture that all fine arts students at Concordia have to take.  There’s A LOT of material to cover, but it is very interesting, the professor, Robert Gifford, is extremely passionate and brings in all sorts of guest speakers from across Canada.
  • THEA211 – Script Analysis – Is…. less than enjoyable.  While the material is interesting, there were issues with choosing the professor and we were assigned the two professors within the department whom hate eachother the most.. it’s… interesting…  Regardless of the professor’s politics, we look at a different play each week and analyze the heck out of it.
  • PSYC283 – My only class outside of the theatre department this year, a psychology course which focuses on emotional development.  While really interesting, Mr Goodman taught me this (and more) in AP Psych.. So to those looking to take psych courses in university after having taken AP Psych: read course descriptions carefully, it seems like most introductory courses, are going to be… repetitive.

Really looking forward to the spring/summer semester!  The Concordia Theatre Department works closely with Magnetic North Theatre Festival (if you are at all interested in theatre, you should REALLY check this out: and students within the department are offered the opportunity to attend the festival (special all-access passes, cheap accomodations, etc.) for credits- which I am really hoping to take advantage of.  Also, next year should be very exciting, as the department is being moved to a brand new location on the downtown campus and offering some very interesting and new courses within my specialization.  I’ve applied for a minor in psychology as well, so keep your fingers crossed for me as there are very limited openings!


  • CSU – Concordia Student Union – In the past few years at Concordia, there has been a lot of corruption within the current ruling power of the Student Union, this year in particular, a lot of this corruption has made it to the media.  So the upcoming election should be an interesting one.  I am running for one of the Fine Arts Councillor’s seats.  There is a lot of drama surrounding the election, so I’m pretty nervous (especially being the only first year and from such a small department), but hopefully the student body acknowledges the need for change, and votes!?  Either way, win or lose, I think it’s pretty safe to say i will be heavily involved in the political life of the school for the next little while.
  • French Classes – I recently finished a four week intensive French course, which has really helped my French speaking abilities.  While I am still VERY far from fluent, it was at least a start.  And can at least catch the jist of what the lady at the grocery counter is saying to me.  I took the course through YES Montreal, and I would recommend looking in to their services to anyone moving to Montreal.  They offer all sorts of workshops/classes/assistance to youth in Montreal (with a particular focus on english-speakers) with regards to school and career paths.  AND they are super affordable, most classes are either cheap, or free!
  • A job! – I also got a job!  (FINALLY)  I am working at a gym fitness centre for kids in my neighbourhood, basically i run the birthday parties (playing with the kids, taking them through different gym routines, feeding them pizza, cutting the cake, etc.) it’s a really great job, especially since most of the kids are English, and the ones who aren’t love teaching me French!  Learning a language with kids is way easier than with native speakers – less pressure!
  • A second job! (sort of)  I’ve also been offered a role on a new PBS show working as a youth correspondent for a weekly television show that focuses on how the average person can make their day-to-day life more “green”.  So that’s pretty exciting as well.  Still looking for a summer job, so hopefully something comes along soon (I’m doing my best to avoid working in a call-centre.)

I think that’s all for now.  Oh! Both Josh Evans AND Andya Jang have come to visit me (and had a blast!)  You should too.

With lots of love,

Keep in touch,

Morgan P


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