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Our Grade 4 students have been preparing for Spring Break for weeks, assembling supplies to send along with a few of our Senior School students, who will be spending their Spring Break working in a rural part of Kenya. The Junior School initiative was spearheaded by students Laura Bass, Lucie Marchessault and Nick Considine.

“The entire Grade 4 class contributed to this, but these three came to our Leadership team with a proposal that they wanted to help Africa and they just needed a bit of guidance,” says Mrs. Kathleen Cook.

In addition to submitting their idea, the trio made a presentation to the Grade 4 students, created a letter to go home and organized all the kits as they came in. In assembly last week, the project leaders spoke to the Junior School about the entire project and all of the Grade 4 students helped Director of Service Kevin Cook pack up the kits in preparation for the Senior School trip.

The Senior School students will deliver the kits to the children they meet through their work with Free the Children on a rural school building project. The Senior School group will connect with local people and explore Kenya as part of this annual trip and ongoing SMUS service endeavour.

Below, Grade 4 students Laura, Lucie and Nick talk about their work.

We have been working on a project that benefits kids in Kenya. We have been putting together kits of two different types. One is a school kit and the other is a health kit. Mr. Cook and Grade 12 students will be taking these kits to Kenya over Spring Break.

We started this idea close to Christmas, but the deadline for Christmas things being shipped to Africa was that day. So we went to Mrs. Cook asking if we could do something for children in Africa.

Mrs. Cook gave us a proposal form, and we filled it in. So we decided to do something nice for the children there. We picked Africa because it has most of the poorest countries and countries with the shortest life expectancies.

We have heard about poverty in Africa from various members of our families. We collected approximately 50 kits, around 30 health kits and 20 school kits. Did you know that since approximately 1966 every African nation has experienced war?

by Laura Bass, Lucie Marchessault and Nick Considine


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