Beijing Students Brighten SMUS

This year was the first in which SMUS welcomed students from Sino Bright School in China for a month-long exchange. Thirty-eight students came to earn credit in drama and information technology as part of a new partnership between SMUS Education Extension and the Beijing school, which bases its curriculum on that of British Columbia.

Though the students didn’t join the regular SMUS classes, the students had many opportunities to interact with the student population, through activities such as visiting the Senior School Mandarin classes and performing at one of the lunch-time acoustic concerts. While in Victoria, the international visitors also enjoyed hiking through the University of Victoria’s Mystic Vale and plays at the local Belfry and McPherson theatres.

At the end of their stay, the students practiced their English skills by writing letters to their friends back home about their stay, which are excerpted below.

“Victoria is just a beautiful and fun place to study and live. I enjoyed every day here.” – Nina

“The teachers were all very friendly and kind, and they all loved helping us when we had problems. The students in St. Michaels University School were friendly too – they showed us around the school campus.” – Celia

“The ski trip made me really happy and I think it is an exciting memory of Canada.” – Angela

“I had new experiences with my homestay. I ate some different foods, saw many different things, and learnt many things that are useful. I went to the beach and saw different animals than from China.” – Mya

“It’s a really interesting trip! I think it both improved my English skills and got me more credits so that I can go to a better university.” – Shakira


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