The King of Elfland's Daughter Debuts

Middle School students delighted their audience with a magical tale as The King of Elfland’s Daughter debuted on Thursday night. The musical production showed off the vocal and theatrical talents of our Grade 6-8 students while telling a fantastical tale about the nature of love and magic.

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With a chorus of lovely voices, the young actors tell a story of two very different kingdoms. In the realm of Earl, the villagers grow tired of working hard each day and implore their king to bring magic into their lives by sending his son Alveric to the nearby Kingdom of Elfland, a land abundant with magic. The plan to restore magic requires Alveric to marry the King of Elfland’s daughter Lirazel.

As Alveric, Lindon Carter plays a handsome hero with a powerful voice and a sad past. Rachel Sibbald imbues the princess Lirazel with a bright spirit, bringing beautiful songs to life. As the rival kings, Colton Stockus and Marcus Lelewski also show off their vocal abilities and carry themselves with royal bearing. These are just a few members of an astounding cast that takes on the roles of flittering faeries, tricky trolls and medieval villagers, among others.

A musical is the perfect format for Mr. Manson-Blair’s enthralling and magical tale, which combines Greek mythology with children’s bedtime stories. Flawlessly accompanied by an orchestra of staff, students and guest musicians, students perform complex choreography and lend their voices to many original songs composed by Mr. Farish.

The entire production, from its gorgeous costumes and sets to its spectacular cast and crew, feels like a show that would beautifully suit Broadway and that would delight audiences young and old. Hopefully everyone will be able to see the hard work of our talented students during the play’s brief run at the McPherson Playhouse, March 5-7, 2009.


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