Junior School All Souped Up

The Junior School marked the 100th day of school last week by collecting canned food for the Mustard Seed food bank. Every class had a goal of collecting at least 100 cans by Friday, February 20 and they more than succeeded – the school amassed 1200 cans.

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“It was a very successful activity,” says organizer Mrs. Kathleen Cook. “Many teachers use it as a math activity as well – the kindergarten class lined their cans in the hallway and labeled each one with a number as they came in.”

On Friday, the children had a special assembly to celebrate their accomplishments. Chris Pollock ’95, who is a youth pastor at the Mustard Seed in Victoria, came to speak with the students about poverty and the importance of giving.

“He gave a wonderful speech and the kids loved his presentation,” says Mrs. Cook. 

All of the students helped load the truck that would carry their donations to the Mustard Seed. Some of the students had made special paper hats for the occasion and all were very proud of their work.

“The whole thing is an excellent way of providing service and helping the Mustard Seed at a time when there is such a need,” says Mrs. Cook.


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