St. Andrew’s Attracts Students Like a Magnet


If you’ve seen “Chariots of Fire”, you’ll recognize the beach. Behind the photographer is the town of St. Andrew’s, the centre point of which is the university, founded in 1413. St. Andrew’s is a much sought after destination for North American students. In the past several years, SMUS has usually had at least one student each year enter St. Andrew’s. In the Fall of 2008, three SMUS girls began their post-secondary studies at St. Andrew’s, which is a great testament to the continuing allure of the university, considering that Prince William has graduated and is no longer there.

In this photo, you see some stone arches adjacent to the Medical Building. Many SMUS students are interested in St. Andrew’s for its medical programme. Entering directly out of high school, Canadian students complete the first three years of their medical qualification at St. Andrew’s and years 4-6 at another University: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, or the University of Manchester. This option is attractive because the student is qualified as a doctor after only six years of post-secondary education. It takes longer to earn this qualification under the Canadian system.


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