Grade 2 Students Experience Boarding

Last week, the Grade 2 class went on a special trip to the Senior School to spend some time with the Barnacle/Winslow boarders. The afternoon began with Valentine’s Day crafts in the boarding lounge and then the Junior School guests joined the boarders for dinner at Brown Hall. Armed with some glow-in-the-dark sticks, the students got their exercise by playing games on the athletic fields. They wrapped up the day by reading together.

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“It was fun and exciting. I liked running around with my buddy.” -Lucas

“It was nice to see how the boarders live at the school.” -Anna

“I liked throwing the glow sticks around with our buddies, and they threw them back.” -Angelo

“I liked my buddy’s room.” -Tasha

“I liked the food and seeing the buddies’ rooms and I like how they did arts and crafts with us.” -Angus

“It was fun to meet new people.” -Georgia


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