Costumes Transform Elfland Performers

The King of Elfland’s Daughter features many magical creatures and most don’t look much like human children. In order to transform the Grade 6-8 students into fairies, trolls and even trees, volunteers are working fast to finish 200 costumes before the production debuts on March 5.

“It’s going to be really cool to see it come together,” says Roslyn van der Wal, who designed the costumes for the play.

She began her work in June of last year with the concepts and schematics for a variety of masks and other pieces that would give the musical production the most authentic look. After working on costumes for Willpower and Africa in years past, Ms. van der Wal has become an experienced costume creator. “I love the creativity of it,” she says.

The core team of regular volunteers, supplemented with the help of other occasional contributors has almost completed costumes for the entire cast. Each student comes in for a costume fitting and for each group of creatures, the costumes are very different.

Ms. van der Wal says that the trolls presented the biggest challenge in costume-making, as they require masks and feet, which took a while to get right. They also required clothes to be bleached and then dyed a different color, in order for them all to look the same. For the fairies, delicate wings were needed and for the princess character, one of the most skilled volunteers created a beautiful gown with very fine stitching.

With two weeks to go until opening night, Ms. van der Wal, Mrs. Hyde-Lay and the rest of the volunteers are putting the finishing touches on the custom costumes that will make the Middle School students look like the magical creatures they are portraying.


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