Middle School Students Put on a Show

Anyone who passes through the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre in the next few weeks will be able to see the art work of about 40 Middle School students displayed on its walls. The Middle School Art Show features various work from Grade 6, 7 and 8 students.

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“The kids are so excited,” says art instructor Leanne Wilkins. “For most of them, it’s their first time having art in a professional show.”

Students from different grades worked in different mediums to produce pieces for the show, with the Grade 8 students crafting cartoons of Canadian politicians, exaggerating features and altering scale. The Grade 7 students contributed pieces in two very different styles. For their “Project Scales,” students used black paper, white glue and range of chalk pastels to create images of fish and reptiles. They also designed city scenes to demonstrate their understanding of spatial relationships.

“I really enjoyed this project because I learned how to draw perspective style,” says Grade 7 student Leonard Liao-Briere of his cityscape drawing. “I took advantage of this style and had fun experimenting with floating buildings and limos.”

The Grade 6 students did triptych drawings, creating three pieces based on the same image in different mediums. James Hayashi chose to draw a cat, because the shining black ink reminded him of his friend’s pet. “I like the look of ink when it is on the paper, but you can’t make mistakes with ink,” he says. “It’s not like pencil, you can’t just erase it.”

The Middle School students work will be on display until March 3, 2009, and has already caught the attention of some of our local media.


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