Boarders Get into the Games

by a Grade 10 boarder

This past weekend was Trivia Night in the boarding community. For this event, the houses were teamed up together and had to create teams of five people and then one all-star team to face the rival houses. Over the past of couple years, this has traditionally been the event that Winslow/Barnacle have won. The first game was Winslow/Barnacle against Timmis/Bolton. It was a close game with Timmis/Bolton in the lead for most of the game but in the All-star round Winslow/Barnacle pulled away with great help from Will Jevne.

The next round was Winslow/Barnacle versus Symons/Harvey whom pulled away with an early lead but Winslow/Barnacle caught up by answering correctly some skill-testing questions about whales and Friday night prep. In the final game of Timmis/Bolton versus Symons/Harvey, it was a close match but Timmis/Bolton prevailed in the final few rounds.

The other house game we had this month has been Senior Volleyball; it was a close game on the girls’ side, since a number of girls from Winslow have had volleyball experience. Unfortunately, despite having a few experienced players, including their Head of House Samm Dark, they were beaten by some lucky shots put in by Timmis/Symons.

Timmis dominated on the girls’ side with help from their Head of House Shelby Boehm, who is also on the volleyball team. On the boys’ side, Bolton and Harvey looked like evenly matched teams but in the end Harvey took the lead. The Barnacle boys weren’t doing very well in their matches and their opponents won by a landslide of at least ten points.


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