Junior School Students Dive In

by Nicky Newsome, teacher

This Monday, swim club members from Grades 3-5 went to the Commonwealth Pool for the ISEA Swim Meet. Independent schools from Vancouver and Victoria participated in the event, which focused on participation and fun for all levels of swimmers.

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Some highlights of the meet included fun events like the “Rugby Ball Dribble” where Grade 5 swimmers had to push a rugby ball across the pool to a team member at the other side and the “Hat Relay,” in which Grade 3 swimmers had to wear hats of all shapes and sizes during a relay race!

For some it was their first swim meet and it took a lot of courage and determination for them to participate. Mr. Barber and I are very proud of all the swimmers and we are looking forward to the next meet this Monday.

Our swim club meets every Wednesday after school and we’ve had a great turnout this year. As a coach, I hope to foster a love of swimming and to build fitness and technique. Swimming is a skill that will last a lifetime.


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