Gala is a Spectacular Fundraiser

by Nicolette Varma

The Free the Children Gala went off without a hitch as over 280 people attended to support the repair of the devastation caused by the tsunami which hit Southeast Asia in 2004, through the Adopt a Village campaign. Guests were greeted with upbeat music, vivid lighting, and the chatter of dynamic conversation.

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Refreshments included a water bar offering various flavours of water from lemon to grape, as well as appetizers made by Brown Hall, chocolate fountains and other yummy desserts. One creative idea was the “Brick by Brick” booth, which raised money through Free the Children towards building wells and schools. The concept was to buy a ‘brick’ or ‘water drop’ for $10, $20, or $50 which would contribute to the cause.

“This is the largest single, completely student-run event at the school,” says Director of Service Kevin Cook, the staff supervisor of the Free the Children group.

The silent auction featured 40 rather luxurious items up for bid, including a Fendi watch and a stay at a condominium in Whistler. The silent auction alone raised $6300.00. The music was warm and welcoming, with performances by Vaughn Stokes, Emily Reid, Jake McCloskey, Will Jevne, Bryan Christiansen, Andrew Taylor, Oliver Brooks, and Daniel Lapp (a SMUS parent) and his band. Many spent their last 30 minutes at the gala on the dance floor.

“The music kept things enthusiastic,” says Kristen Porrelli, a grade 12 student at SMUS who attended the gala. “I just wish I had got that Fendi watch!”

The guests certainly enjoyed themselves, and the hard work done to make the gala as successful as it was certainly paid off, as over $10,000 was raised. Thank you to all the members of the SMUS community who came out to the gala. The Free the Children group appreciates your support and the gala was a huge success thanks to you all!


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