Large Ensembles Deliver Astounding Sounds

The SMUS campus was bursting with music this Wednesday, as 300 student musicians and vocalists performed for an appreciative audience. The annual Large Ensembles Concert featured six different musical groups from the Senior School as well as the Grades 1, 2 and 3 Choir.

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The youngest performers sang with the String Orchestra for the piece “The Syncopated Clock,” a song about a confused timepiece. The Full Orchestra opened the evening and played a medley of English folk songs as well as selections from West Side Story, this year’s Senior School musical opening at the MacPherson Playhouse next month.

The Senior Concert Choir brought their vocal talents to traditional tunes from England, Sweden and Finland as well as well-known Canadian pieces. The group’s rendition of “Northwest Passage,” which has been called Canada’s alternative national anthem, was passionately performed and highlighted the voices of Andy Erasmus, Emily Reid and Tom Zheng. The choir also sang “Hymn to Freedom,” a piece dedicated to Martin Luther King which was sung on Capitol Hill during this week’s presidential inauguration in the US.

The Grade 10 Concert Band expertly performed two pieces by contemporary composers Samuel Hazo and James Swearingen under the guidance of conductor John Reid. The Grade 9 Concert Band, in their first performance as Senior School students, played “Antigua Bay” and the fast-paced “Excelsior!” march, a new piece of music that was published this August.

The Senior Concert Band closed the concert with two powerful numbers. After showing their mastery of the intricate “Novena,” the group performed selections from the challenging, layered score from the movie The Chronicles of Narnia.


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