Elfland Takes Shape at SMUS

In March, the Middle School will be putting on its new magical musical, The King of Elfland’s Daughter. The play, adapted by teacher Mr. Douglas Manson-Blair from a novel written by Lord Dunsany in 1924, tells the tale of a young prince who wants to bring magic back to his father’s kingdom, so he seeks to marry the princess of Elfland, where magic still exists.

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Rehearsals for the play began in earnest last week, but already much work has been done. All of the Middle School Exploratory classes are focused on some aspect of the production: making masks and props, preparing to film the big show and learning how to do theatre make-up are just some of the ways students are working behind the scenes.

Music teachers Mr. Duncan Frater and Mr. Ian Farish, who wrote the musical score for the play, have been working with the young singers while director Mr. Manson-Blair helps students with their stage presence and the delivery of their lines. Students are also learning movement from professional choreographer Arabella Martin.

In the next several weeks as the play comes together, the SMUS Review will be reporting on the hard work of all the students and staff culminating in a spectacular debut.


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