Grade 1 Students Have a Sleepy Morning

Grade 1 students wore their pyjamas to school one day this week and spent the morning reading books, playing games, drinking hot chocolate and spending time with their parents, who were able to spend their mornings at the Junior School. Grade 1 teacher Alison Galloway organized the event as a special treat for her class.
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Ms. Galloway describes the day below.

The Grade 1 students earn “warm fuzzies” by being kind to each other, practicing the virtues and listening to the teacher. We put fuzzy balls into our “warm fuzzy jar” and when the jar is full we pick a reward.

The students chose to have a pajama day and invite their parents to come into the classroom for hot cocoa, games and a story. It was a wonderful morning for all. Having students and parents curled up on pillows reading stories was such a comforting way to start the day.

Students also wrote invitations to their favourite stuffed animal and brought their “stuffie” to school for the day. They introduced their stuffed animal to the class, graphed them during math and created beautiful pencil sketches of them in art.

All in all a very fun way to involve students in reading, writing, speaking, mathematics and art.


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