Flu Season


A brisk wind is blowing the flags on the quad straight out, toward the main field, which means the wind is coming from the north. The wind must have blown away the considerable fog we had earlier in the day. We have had fog for a couple of days, and the forecasts indicate that we will have a couple more days of it. Yesterday, flights were cancelled here in Victoria and other nearby airports, which prevented the arrival of one of our visiting speakers, the economist Yoram Bauman from making his appearance. He is humorous and entertaining, so it was a disappointment.


It is a busy weekend in the Senior School – as most weekends are, it seems. Our Senior Boys and Senior Girls basketball teams are immersed in the annual Police Tournament, a major high school tournament in BC, which we host. Orchestras are rehearsing for next week’s Large Ensembles Concert, to be held on Wednesday. On Sunday night our students who support the work of Free the Children are holding a gala to raise money for that cause – for the Adopt a Village campaign, which works to provide an impoverished village with schools, health care, sanitation and alternative income programmes. The SMUS students are working on improving life in a village in Sri Lanka. And our boarding students are off skiing at Mt. Washington. Just an average weekend.


Earlier today, in my customary Friday visit to Junior School assembly, I launched my annual exposition of the School’s Mission. This begins with showing the students a small selection of school pens, which ignites a few sparks of recognition as some of the students realize what is happening. Our Mission breaks down neatly into five elements, and I divide these five elements among my visits to the Junior School during the winter term. The point about the pens is that if the students in the Junior School can recite the Mission for me sometime when I am standing at the crosswalk or walking around the school (it’s a mere 34 words), then they are awarded a pen. Any readers who know young children also know what amazing memories they have – it is remarkable how many of them can still recite the mission years later. It does make my heart sing.


Friday afternoons often offer a bit of a lull for some reason. Today this pause seems particularly to be just the right thing – a bit of a breather, at the end of a busy week (which has seen a bit of flu popping up here and there, including in my office), before the mad dash of weekend that will bring the week to a close.


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