House Games Heat Up

Both boarding and day students have been enjoying competing to win points for their houses. While boarders have spent their weekends playing sports such as volleyball, soccer and dodgeball, day students have been joined them to win points through lunch-time events, such as this Thursday’s obstacle course

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The challenging race ran from the athletic fields, through campus and into the gym, and day students, who only recently joined in house competitions, showed they were getting into the spirit of things.

Students struggled to win points for their houses by finishing the 11-part race, which included making them kick a soccer ball through a hula hoop, hop across the gym in a plastic bag and run with a golf ball on a spoon, as quickly as possible. In honour of International Council’s Caribbean week, the race also had students playing road tennis, a sport which originated in Barbados in the 1930s.

Grade 10 student Chloe Carlson, a boarder in Winslow house, writes about the boarders’ games so far:

Since September, the houses have been competing to win the prestigious House Cup. Having competed in soccer, dodgeball, and most recently, volleyball, the Winslow Wildcat girls are looking very strong to challenge past winners, Symons and Timmis House. For the boys’ houses, it is a close race, with Harvey coming out on top in the volleyball this past weekend. Barnacle and Bolton are hoping for a comeback in Senior Volleyball in the January House Games.

The competition really heated up this past weekend when the boarders united to take on the boarding staff hockey team in the first annual Boarders vs. Staff Hockey Game at Pearkes Arena. The spectators were thrilled to observe a closely matched, energetic hockey game. The game was close in the first period, with the young boarders giving the staff a good run. Unfortunately, experience won in the end and the staff team dominated the second period, winning the game 13-5. The boarders are looking for a rematch sometime in the New Year. Thanks to everyone who showed up to support the teams.


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