Athletics Review: November 25, 2008

SMUS Soccer
The Senior boys soccer team left on Sunday night for Burnaby, as they were to compete in the BC Provincial AA championships. After a tough tournament at the Islands, the boys were going into the championships seeded as the third team from the Island. They knew that the first game against Panorama would be a challenge.

The boys fought hard in their 8:20 am match against Panorama. By half time, SMUS trailed 3-0 against a top-class team. Panorama moved the ball quickly, had great skill on the ball and blazing speed up front. Without a solid performance from centre back Tom Bridger, the score may have been worse. The second half showed a SMUS team with a little more desire. They battled hard in the midfield, with Mommsen-Smith, Southwell, and Harvey defending as a tight three against the eventual tournament MVP from Panorama. The game was marred with a late sending off of a SMUS player for a tackle in the box and Panorama netted the penalty to end the game 5-0. This was not the start that the Blue Jags were hoping for.

After this result, the bus ride back to the hotel was a quiet one. The team met between matches to try and turn things around. Smithers won their morning match 2-0, and the Blue Jags needed a result if they wanted to finish in the top five. The second match saw the introduction of defender Michael Fuailefau to right back, with van der Wal moving centrally to replace Bridger. Smithers had unbelievable speed up front that van der Wal and McCloskey had to deal with constantly throughout the match. SMUS kept good possession, but were unable to score before the half. After the interim, Geordie Dafoe put pressure on the Smithers back line and broke through to goal. His ball ended on the foot of Ben Beaudoin, who netted the Jags’ first goal of the tournament. Minutes later, a long free kick landed on the foot of Charlie Southwell, who cut past his marker in the box and finished with poise to the near post. The match ended 2-0.

The spirits were much better that evening; the boys still had a chance at a top five finish. The next morning the boys played McRoberts and a win would secure them second place in the pool. Unfortunately, they went down early after an unfortunate breakdown in the box. SMUS equalized after Dafoe was pulled down in the McRoberts penalty area and Mommsen-Smith calmly slotted the penalty down the middle of the goal. With the game coming to an end, SMUS knew that a draw would be enough. However, with only a couple of minutes left, a second breakdown at the back resulted with a second McRoberts goal. With this loss, SMUS was in a three way tie for second place with one win and two losses. The tie breaking procedure that went to goal differential put SMUS in second place – somehow, they still had a shot at a top five finish.

After the close scare, the boys knew that fortune was on their side. They played on Tuesday evening against Seycove and were starting to play some quality football. Down a goal at the half, the team came out flying after the break. After a strong push down the line from Parker, Seycove conceded a corner kick. Left footed defender van der Wal came forward to take the corner and bent the ball right into the goal for a 1-1 tie, which held for the rest of the game. The SMUS team was confident going into the game-deciding kicks and the coaching staff was feeling great as well, partly because goalkeeper Olev Anniko played a huge role in getting the team to BC’s after some amazing penalty saves at Islands. On Seycove’s shot, Anniko did it again – SAVE! The team was one step closer to their goal; they were to play Wednesday at noon for 5th place.

The last match of the tournament was gruelling. Having already played four matches, many of the boys had visible wounds and the others were all aching. The opponents, Pitt Meadows, were in similar condition. At this point the Blue Jags fitness was going to be put to the test. Early in the match both SMUS centre backs, Bridger and McCloskey, had to come out due to injury. Joel Nason came in at left back while van der Wal went to the middle to play with Denley. The substitutes demonstrated the team’s depth, as they looked perfectly comfortable in their roles. A SMUS free kick at the edge of the penalty box allowed them to perform a set piece from the training grounds. Van der Wal made a run over the ball to the outside of the Pitt wall and Mommsen-Smith played him a ball along the ground. At the same time, Jamie Yorath was making an early run to the near post, where he met van der Wal’s early ball and finished calmly to the back of the net. Pitt Meadow’s didn’t even have time to react as SMUS celebrated their first goal of the match.

As always, the team likes to keep the fans on the edge of their seats and didn’t apply pressure to an attacker at the top of the box as he shot from distance to equalize. Regulation time ended 1-1, and the game went to extra time. SMUS were confident, fit, and composed – but they didn’t want another game ending in penalties. From the kick-off, Southwell sent a ball overtop to Parker, whose speed was too much to handle. He sped past the opposing back line and put SMUS ahead. The boys held on for the rest of extra time and won the match 2-1.

This concluded a very up and down season, and the team was extremely pleased with a 5th place provincial finish. It was a great result for a young team, and the boys are looking forward to building on this result next year. The Grade 12 players will be missed, as they played a crucial role in the team’s success with their leadership and footy contributions. It was a great team performance, and the boys should be very proud of what they accomplished.


Fifty-two athletes and six coaches achieved success at another city championship! SMUS finished in first place overall. Thanks to coaching staff Richard Curry, Suzy Hall, Jill Dearden, Sharon Goodman and Brett Malcolm as well as student leaders Jessica Spoor, Caryn Dooner and Jon Cunningham. All rowers should stand up and take a bow – you are incredible!

We entered 22 of the 24 events and competed against 22 other high schools, making 19 finals and taking first place in nine events and second place in seven events.

City Championship Results


  • Senior Girls 1X: 1st (Liz Fenje)
  • Senior Girls 2X: 1st (Liz Fenje and Michelle Aylard); 3rd (Lexi McColl and Maryann Watson
  • Senior Girls 4X: 1st (Liz Fenje, Lexi McColl, Michelle Aylard, Maryann Watson)
  • Senior Girls 8+: 1st (Alicia Pawluk, Lexi McColl, Liz Fenje, Sydney Stockus, Maryann Watson, Rachel Ellis, Nicole van der Wal, Anna Fretz, Juliette Repole)
  • Senior Novice Girls 4X: 2nd (Sydney Stockus, Nicole van der Wal, Anna Fretz, Juliette Repole)
  • Senior Novice Girls 8+: 1st (Sky Richards, Sydney Stockus, Nicole van der Wal, Anna Fretz, Caitlin Farquharson, Holly Trew, Cortney Ewonus, Kristen Song, Juliette Repole)
  • Junior Girls 2X: DNE
  • Junior Girls 4X: 6th (Cortney Ewonus, Gwen O’Connor, Mary Lapp, Rebecca Berardelli)
  • Junior Girls 8+: 2nd (Sky Richards, Michelle Aylard, Cortney Ewonus, Rebecca Berardelli, Erica Choi, Gabby Jeliazkov, Katherine Fretz, Sara Taylor, Mary Lapp)
  • Junior Novice Girls 4X: DNQ
  • Junior Novice Girls 8+: 1st (Sky Richards, Rebecca Berardelli, Cortney Ewonus, Gabby Jeliazkov, Katherine Fretz, Alexis Thind, Mary Lapp, Gwen O’Connor, Olivia Krusel)


  • Senior Boys 1X: DNQ
  • Senior Boys 2X: 1st (Brandon Ewonus and Sean Wiggins)
  • Senior Boys 4X: 2nd (Brandon Ewonus, Jon Cunningham, Maxim Ellison, Sean Wiggins)
  • Senior Boys 8+: 2nd (Alicia Pawluk, Brandon Ewonus, Jon Cunningham, Sean Wiggins, Paul Loeffler, Justus Koenigs, Marian Pho Duc, Johann von Schack, Alex Zapantis)
  • Senior Novice Boys 8+: 2nd (Ander McKinnon, Marian Pho Duc, Justus Koenigs, Paul Loeffler, Johann von Schack, Alex Zapantis, Alex Preis, Alicia Pawluk, Wonyup Song, Mark Jiang)
  • Senior Novice Boys 4X: DNQ
  • Junior Boys 2X: 2nd (Aiden Morrice and Maxim Ellison)
  • Junior Boys 8+: 2nd (Erin Pawluk, Steven Willians, Robert Wyatt, Stefan Hall, Jack Hayes, Logan Gilmore, Maxim Ellison, Fritz Stolle, Aiden Morrice)
  • Junior Boys 4X: 4th (Aiden Morrice, Taylor Ellison, Liam Hyatt, Fritz Stolle)
  • Junior Novice Boys 4X: 1st (Luke Friswell, Monty Fraser-Brown, Taylor Ellison, Liam Hyatt)
  • Junior Novice Boys 8+: 5th (Erin Pawluk, Monty Fraser-Brown, Luke Friswell, Liam Hyatt, Steven Willians, Robert Wyatt, Taylor Ellison, Jack Hayes, Logan Gilmore)
  • Middle School Boys 4X: 1st (Taylor Ellison, Liam Hyatt, Monty Fraser-Brown, Luke Friswell)

The SMUS Squash team has been training for just over a month in the new squash facilities on campus. The team is comprised of 24 athletes, boys and girls, in Grades 9-12. Under the tutelage of squash consultant Stuart Dixon and his coaching staff, the team is showing some real promise.

Many of the players entered into the Vancouver Island Open, as an introduction to a competitive squash tournament. In addition, a few athletes have been experiencing some more quality competition:

Results at Alberta Jesters, Calgary, November 14, 15, 16th:

  • Tyler Olson finished 7th in the Boy’s Under 19 Division
  • Nicole Bunyan finished in the 9 – 11 section of the girls Under 19 Division

Results at The Victoria Women’s Weekend this past weekend:

  • Charmaine Niewerth was runner up in the D division
  • Emily Feng lost in the semi final of the D division
  • Samantha Dark finished 5th in the C event

Also this past weekend, Kristijan Gjorgjevik won the 3rd division at the Victoria Men’s weekend.

Tyler and Nicole will both be playing in the BC Championships this coming weekend in Vancouver and in The Canadian Open in Niagara on December 13, 14, 15 and 16th. Tyler will travel to Scotland and England to play in The Scottish and British Junior Opens.


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