Canadian Universities Visit SMUS


Last week, hundreds of Senior School students and their parents spent an evening exploring their post-secondary options, as representatives from almost 40 Canadian universities visited the school. Though over 90 universities from around the world visit the campus throughout the year, the Canadian universities evening is a great event for students to ask questions and talk one-on-one with admissions personnel as well as to compare all the schools in the country.

“It’s all about choice, opportunity and research,” says Head of University Counselling Greg Marchand. “To see students doing research on post-secondary when they’re in Grade 9 and 10 is fabulous.”

Canada is full of post-secondary opportunities, from sizeable universities to small, specialized colleges. Part of the post-secondary process for students is figuring out what’s most important to them and weighing the advantages of both big and small schools. Also, as students start looking at their choices, they may learn about a university they hadn’t considered or find that the idea of studying farther away from home is appealing. Once students start narrowing down their choices, they can start looking at the requirements of the universities to which they want to apply.

“They might not know that they need Calculus to get into the programme they want, that the University of Western Ontario’ business programme doesn’t start until third year or that they can get a great arts education at Mount Allison,” explains Mr. Marchand.

The Canadian Universities event supports the mandate of the University Counselling office, which includes helping students find the university that suits them best as well as opening students eyes to the range of post-secondary opportunities available to them. Mr. Marchand says that many students come in with a very fixed idea of where they want to go, but as they start expanding their search, they often end up going in different directions.

“If they start making preparations early, the options increase for them,” says Mr. Marchand. “The world opens up.”


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