We Remember


This week, just a short note. It has been a week of preparing for two events, one in the Junior School and one on the Richmond Road campus for the Senior and Middle Schools, to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in past wars. They believed they were defending freedoms that we now enjoy, and a life that we now enjoy. We had an exquisite, lively and eloquent Chapel service in the Middle School on Tuesday on this theme, followed by an equally exquisite, lively and eloquent Chapel service on Wednesday in the Senior school. Today in half an hour or so we will be having our main Service of Remembrance, which is both moving and engaging for all involved, both students and adults. Of course, we remember.


I wrote the above paragraph before the service, and now I am stealing a few moments before heading back to our house, where we have a few guest coming for lunch. But that is the nature of time in a school like ours – one doesn’t have “free time” so much as one steals it from other things; I think it’s that way for all of us.


The Service this morning was moving. The orchestra was outstanding, the choirs were uplifting, the student contributors and performers were polished and powerful. One comes away from such an event conscious of the fact that no matter how much one says, or how eloquently one says it, there is so much more that could be said about those who have gone before us. I have said before that in a school so much of what we do is about the future, but always we have to preserve the things that are worth preserving. Today’s service did just that.





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