Students Enjoy Some Drama

Drama Night, which features both experienced and amateur performers, returned this week to much applause and more than a little laughter. Unlike past shows, this year’s focused on comedic and musical performances, many taken from contemporary culture. With few costumes and a nearly bare stage, our students entertained their peers with an hour-long variety show.

Grade 10 students Brian Christensen and Lachlan Glen kicked off the evening with a rendition of a sketch they found on YouTube called Self Defence. Brian played a self-defence instructor who had a two-step process for avoiding getting mugged in a variety of increasingly bizarre scenarios. Five performers followed that up with a skit from “Saturday Night Live,” with Robyn playing Penelope, a woman whose pathological compulsion to top everything other people say leads her to make ridiculous claims.

Eric Protzer and William Jevne then gave a preview from the upcoming school production, After Juliet, performing a scene in which a miscommunication leads to a physical confrontation. Scott Dallen and Oliver Brooks added some music to the evening with their portrayal of a nervous duo playing a song about teen angst called “Pterodactyl Sneak Attack.”

Robyn Hope performed a Woody Allen monologue called “The Moose,” which she will also be performing at the Senior School Recitations Evening later this month. Eric Protzer also did a short monologue, in which he claimed to be a great romancer of women, as did Sophia Bryant-Scott. Sophia’s piece, “The Sweater,” was about a girl’s adolescent hope for romance, which was set to music in its original version.

In between skits, emcees Brian Christensen and Head Girl Emily Reid kept everyone (including themselves) amused with a series of Chuck Norris jokes. Two drama games, Freeze and Bus Stop, had audience members take the stage and Grade 7 student Michael Rossi was declared the champion. Jake and Eric ended the evening by performing two songs from popular New Zealand musical group (and television stars) Flight of the Conchords.

November will be full of dramatic events, as After Juliet begins its run on November 19th and Recitations will take place on November 25th.


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