Annual Fund Launches with Stars

The Annual Fund campaign kicked off this week as banners went up at both campuses and a new team of parent representatives was launched. Director of the Annual Fund Lori Adam has recruited a network of parents who will help generate a sense of excitement among the school community.

Board member Kathy Jawl, along with her alumnus husband Mike, helped to spark some of that excitement when they generously hosted the parent teams to celebrate their growing involvement in the school’s fundraising efforts.

“The team will help spread the positive message through the community that together we can create opportunities for students through the Annual Fund,” says Lori. “It’s about raising participation and awareness, which are crucial to the school’s continued success.”

Lori is excited about the team of parents who will be a great resource of information about all the school can do. She hopes that parents will take advantage of an opportunity to learn more – not only about how the school operates, but the philosophy behind it. The Annual Fund plays a key role in the growth and development of the school, creating bursaries for students and funding improvements that cannot be covered with the annual budget.

“It’s the difference between being a good school and a great school,” says Lori.

This week, both campuses will display banners that will track the growth of the Annual Fund through a series of stars, an appropriate image that sums up both the desire to reach a high goal as well as what that goal represents: creating limitless opportunities for SMUS students, who are the true stars of our community. For every $100,000 added to the Annual Fund, a new star will be added to the banner, which currently reflects our total of $193,330.

“The launch this week was a true celebration of what we can achieve this year,” says Lori. “There’s a real sense of optimism and unity.”

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