Ah, beautiful Victoria…

BC Parliament Buildings, Victoria
BC Parliament Buildings, Victoria

It’s funny to hear people say, “Ugh, there’s nothing to do on Friday nights in Victoria.” I mean, I can understand because the first “things-to-do” in Victoria that come to my mind include Butchart Gardens… the Victoria harbor… Butchart Gardens…

But even though Victoria may not be as dynamic and bustling as big cities like Vancouver, one can find many fun and simple things to do with your friends. I am going to recommend some downtown hotspots for students!

Shopping—not only for the girls!

The Bay Center is pretty good, but you can check out the cool boutiques down Government Street, like Utopia. You can find the coolest and funniest t-shirts at Utopia that can be the topic of a great conversation and help you start new friendships (I have seen this happen, I kid you not). While you’re there, you can walk down along Johnson Street and browse through the latest fashions in the Converse Shoe Store or Rebel Rebel. You can find gifts and outfits for any occasion shopping along this area.


A nice stroll along the parliament buildings and by the harbor, but while your there you might as well grab a treat from the Rogers Soda Shop!

IMAX and the Royal BC Museum

  • If the museum is not your thing, you can find an IMAX film that everyone can enjoy.

Live performances

Hangouts and Adventure

  • Peacock Billiards and Bistro: Bring all your friends down to play some pool!
  • Discover the Past: Tours downtown
    So you may get mixed reviews amongst your friends but you can choose between a regular tour of downtown where you learn about its history or you can choose “Ghostly Walks.” The website claims to take you to “spooky places where the echoes of hangings, murders and colourful events can still be heard.” Fascinating!


  • Depending on the time of year, festivals take place downtown. You can see upcoming special events here.


My favorite part! There are so many options downtown! You can find little cafés anywhere where you can find lunch or dinner for less than $10. Also, talking about good deals, I recommend Azuma Sushi on Yates Street! You can get a bento box with a generous serving of rice, salad, fruit and your choice of meat like teriyaki chicken or beef for under $10!

For those who don’t mind paying a little extra for a more lavish dinner, I recommend any restaurant down along the harbor, like Milestones. You get great food and an excellent view!

Dessert: Now for my favorite part. If none of the activities listed above is to your liking, you can at least bring all your friends to Moxie’s Classic Grill to enjoy a nice dessert. Maybe you feel like you deserve a nice treat after a long week… or maybe there is no reason. Whatever the occasion, I highly recommend the following desserts when you do feel the need to indulge.

Sticky Toffee Pudding!!!
Sticky Toffee Pudding!!! Need I explain in detail? It’s a warm, soft sticky toffee pudding cake…
The Ultimate White Chocolate Brownie!
The Ultimate White Chocolate Brownie! It’s served warm and moist topped with whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I can’t explain the brownie because I won’t be able to give it enough justice.

Now that I have shared some of my ideas, I hope that this weekend you’ll go downtown, enjoy the fresh air and try some of my recommendations. I am confident that once this blog is published and word about downtown Victoria, BC is spread all around the world, I will see I ♥ Victoria t-shirts everywhere I travel.

Jasmine is a Grade 12 day student.


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