Pumpkin Carving


A tradition at our house is to invite all the boarding prefects in on the Sunday afternoon before Hallowe’en to carve pumpkins. Some of the students from other countries have never done this, nor do they understand what it is all about: the legend of All Hallows’ Eve (hence Hallowe’en) when all the wicked spirits have their last chance to haunt the world before they are almost certainly banished or eradicated by the celebration on November 1 of All Saints’ Day. So you might imagine students from Russia, Germany, Barbados, Japan, Mexico hearing the story and then getting stuck into pumpkin mess up to their elbows, carving faces, their House names, or even presidential candidates into their pumpkins. Below is a picture of the group with their finished products on our deck.

Boarding prefects lined up with their creations


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