What I’m Doing Right Now in 400 words or Less

I must confess: I live my life from holiday to holiday (or long weekend). So, obviously I’m super-excited about the holiday coming up this Friday… Hallowe’en! Who doesn’t love getting dressed up as something completely ridiculous and consuming copious amounts of candy? I know I do. I swear that those mini chocolate bars you get around this time of year taste better than the originals too, like honestly, I don’t get how they do that.

At any rate, I’m extra excited this year because I’m a grad, and that means I get to do candy grams. I’m not actually sure why I want to go through hundreds of little messages and create candy bags for the 500 and something individual students in the senior school, but I do. It probably has something to do with eating the extra sweets. An added nicety this year is that October 31st falls on a Friday night, so no one has to worry about getting to bed early for school or whatever. Of course, that means there will probably be a lot more mischievous little hooligans out exploding pumpkins on driveways too, but I can assure you that I certainly will not be one of them. I think that is more of a middle school thing to do anyway.

As much time as I’m spending thinking about my Hallowe’en costume, the real event in my life right now is university applications. You know the things that multiple people tell you a million times but you don’t really pay attention to until you have to do them? Well, university applications are one of those things. Yes, that means that everyone who told me they were a ton of work (including you, Mom) was right. It’s actually like taking another course. During all of my spares, I can be found sitting in a reclusive corner of the library hooked up to my iPod and furiously working on application essays. I’m not applying early action or decision or anything, but I’m applying to three American schools (of which only two take the Common Application, not to mention they both require supplements), three UK schools, and one in Paris. I figure that if I’m working hard on them now, I will be able to just finish before I go on non-denominational-holiday-season-winter break. Wouldn’t that be nice? Basically, that means I have roughly a month and a half to write 5 essays… no problem. That isn’t even including the random loaded questions they ask you to respond to in 175 characters or less. They do determine the rest of my life though, so I guess it’s worth it.


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