Athletics Review: October 20, 2008

SMUS Cross Country
The Senior Cross-Country Team was at Beaver Lake last Wednesday in the Lower Islands. This meet was the first time we raced against the likes of Dover Bay, Brentwood, and many other strong mid-island teams. As it turned out, all of the SMUS runners had fantastic races and many of the results exceeded all expectations.

Both Cole Turner and Samuel Jackson did extremely well in the very competitive Grade 9 boys race, finishing in the top 30. In the Grade 10 boys race, Austin Smith battled through some sickness and also did very well to finish in 11th place. However, it was in the Grade 10 girls race where the SMUS stars shone the brightest. Jocelyn Stedman performed brilliantly to finish in 3rd place, while Laura Simandl was not much further back in 10th place.

In the Senior girls event, Grade 11 Lisa Evans hung in tough to capture 24th place. On the Senior boys’ side, Leo Marchand had the race of his life and finished in 8th place. The result would be a huge surprise to many onlookers, but not to Leo’s coaches (only in his Grade 11 year, Leo may go into next year as a seeded runner). The rest of the boys’ team also faired very well, as Bryan Sun and Kristijan Gjorgevik finished 22nd and 24th respectively.

With only one race remaining in the season, the team hopes that they are peaking at just the right time. The Islands take place at Beaver Lake and start at 1 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 29th.

Fifty-two members of the SMUS rowing team and their parents experienced sunny but chilly weather over two days (16 hours) of racing at the 3rd Annual 2nd Regatta held at Elk Lake.
In our second regatta of our short season, the team made 18 finals of the 23 events that they were entered in and won seven of those events.

The coaches are exhausted and proud of the entire team’s efforts, both on and off the water. It is a pleasure to work with a great bunch of students!

3rd Annual 2nd Regatta Results



Senior Girls 1X (single)
1st (Liz Fenje)

Senior Girls 2X (double)
2nd (Lexi McColl / Maryann Watson)

Senior Girls 4X (quad)
1st (Liz Fenje/ Lexi McColl/ Michelle Aylard/ Maryann Watson)

Senior Girls 8+

Senior Novice Girls 4X

Senior Novice Girls 8+
1st (Liz Fenje/ Sydney Stockus/ Rachel Ellis/ Anna Fretz/ Nikki van der Wal/ Holly Trew/ Caitlin Farquharson/ Kristen Song/ Juliette Repole)

Senior Boys 2X
1st (Sean Wiggins/ Jon Cunningham)

Senior Boys 8+

Senior Boys 4X
1st (Brandon Ewonus/ Jon Cunningham/ Maxim Ellison/ Sean Wiggins)

Senior Boys Novice 8+

Junior Girls 4X
5th and 6th

Junior Novice Girls 8+
1st (Sky Richards/ Rebecca Berardelli/ Cortney Ewonus/ Gabbie Jeliazkov/ Katherine Fretz/ Gwen O’connor/ Olivia Krusel/ Alexis Thind/ Mary Lapp)

Junior Girls 8+

Junior Boys 4X

Junior Boys 8+

Junior Novice Boys 4X
4th (our Grade 8 rowers)

Junior Novice Boys 8+

Grade 8 4X
1st (Monty Fraser-Brown/ Liam Hyatt/ Luke Friswell/ Steven Whillians)

Next up for the team are the City Championships, November 15-16th, 2008 at Elk Lake.

Senior Girls Volleyball
It was a busy week for the Senior girls. Tuesday evening was league night and it ended with a loss to Belmont and PCS but a win against St. Andrew’s secondary school. The next day the team was off to Vancouver for the Western Canadian Independent School Championships, a very challenging tournament.

The girls played in a nine-team round robin for the three days where they met some of the most talented high school teams in Western Canada. With a small bench and a relative lack of experience, the girls struggled for most of the games but they played fantastically and held their own.

After a discouraging start on the Friday morning against Calgary’s Strathcona-Tweedsmuir the ladies had to anticipate an even more challenging match against the number two seed and the home team York House Secondary School. The energy in the gym was high as it was the schools lunch break and students from K-12 were there to cheer on York House. Although it wasn’t looking like any victories would be coming to SMUS, the girls came out firing.

They lost the first set but with Shelby Boehm’s excellent jump serving and attacking, Marlise Nussbaumer’s fast-paced setting and Adrienne Jones’ back court digging and the whole team working as one, SMUS defeated the top team, dropping them down to number three.

Adrienne Jones was given an honourable mention for her playing and Shelby Boehm was honoured with team MVP for her wonderful play and leadership throughout the tournament. Although the final ranking of the team was low, the girls improved much and found the cohesion that they were looking for. The coaches believe that the rest of the season will be very strong because of this tournament. All of the players should be proud of themselves as they all performed really well and exceeded the coaches expectations.

Senior Boys A Soccer
The final week of the soccer season saw the boys play some of their best football of the campaign. The week started with a tough contest against St. Andrew’s. After an exciting but goal-less first half, the visitors scored early on in the second. Going down a goal only galvanized the boys’ resolve and after a brilliant run and a great finish, Jamie Yorath put SMUS back on level terms. Despite dominating much of the possession in the second half, the game ended in a draw.

On Thursday, the boys hosted league-leaders Reynolds. In the first half the boys were pushing hard for an early goal and after some great midfield work, Travis Denley found Jamie Yorath and he managed to put the team ahead, 1-0. Early in the second half, the visitors equalized on a free kick and then took the lead with an unstoppable strike.

The boys continued to attack, and began to threaten Reynold’s goal. Eventually, Beau Parker’s speed proved too much for the Reynold’s back line and he was brought down inside the box. Charlie Southwell stepped up to put the team up, 2-2, with an assured shot. Further on in the game, any hope of a victory was dashed when Reynold’s managed a late goal, ending the most exciting game of the season so far.

Friday afternoon, the boys hosted Esquimalt in their final league game of the season. In the first minute, the visitors gifted SMUS with a goal by converting a cross whipped in by Ben Beaudoin. The team played some great passing football and dominated possession for the entire match. The goals started to come in the second half when the team started to capitalize on the chances they created. Among the goal-scorers were Jamie Yorath, Kevin Kim, Tom Bridger, and Jake Kislock. The victory against Esquimalt pushed the boys up the league table where they finished third.

With this standing, SMUS qualifies for the Islands Championship and a play-off spot in the Colonist Cup on Tuesday starting with a match against Mount Douglas, which promises to be a great game.

Senior Boys B Soccer
The Senior Boys B team began the week with a match against top-ranked Reynolds. Playing against a cohesive squad from the Centre for Soccer Excellence, the boys had an uneven performance. At times, they scrambled badly. Despite gritty defence on the part of sweeper Hisham Ismail and other back-liners, including Alexander “the Tower” Preis and Brazillian sensation “Orlando,” Reynolds managed to score a number of goals in the first half. In the second half, better organization prevailed, and the team held their own, restricting Reynolds’ offense, and even getting a few shots on net themselves.

Two days later, the lads faced off against Edward Milne in the penultimate game of their all-too-short season. After several changes of venue, the boys began the game in disorganized fashion. Outplayed, they held their opponents to a scoreless draw at half-time. After half-time, the lads took to the field a changed team. Almost immediately, they gained possession of the ball, and held it for much of the rest of the game.

Working together, Jordan Souc, Morio Oyake, Austin Thind, Scott Dalen and Ben Stieber wrestled control of the midfield and began creating chances up front. Midfielder Cameron Metcalfe, in particular, played like a man possessed and seemed to be everywhere at once, with his powerful headers and bone-crunching tackles. Up front, Guillermo Rosique played the game of his SMUS career, hustling constantly and very nearly scoring on several occasions.

After ten minutes of repeated attacks, the lads finally managed to break their scoring drought, when a shot from Cam Metcalfe was deflected off a Milne defender into his own net. Stunned, Edward Milne nevertheless rallied and twenty minutes of end-to-end action ensued. In the end, though, the lads were able to hold to win their first victory of the season.

For many, however, the highlight of the game came in the last five minutes, as forward Guillermo went up for a header but was knocked from his feet by a Milne defender. Shocked by the suddenness of the tackle, Mr. Rosique responded with an indignant bellow. The sheer humour of the situation had the entire SMUS bench rolling with laughter. They were still chuckling as they boarded the bus for the long ride home. The team and their coaches look very much forward to their final game of the season against Esquimalt.

Junior Girls B Volleyball
This week the Junior B team hosted the Oak Bay, Parkland and Reynolds. The girls won their first game of the season over Parkland and put in a good effort in their other matches. The girls are showing great improvements during practice time, working well as a team and showing enthusiasm on the court. This weekend, several team members will be supporting the Junior A team in officiating roles at the ISA’s hosted by SMUS this year. Great job and best of luck girls!

Grade 8 Rugby
With a two-week break between games, the Grade 8 rugby team travelled to Brentwood College this past Saturday for their third ISA match. With three days of practice in the past week focusing on a review of skills and game plans, the team began well with fullback Dawit Workie seemingly scoring a try at the end of a great run following an errant Brentwood kick only to see his foot graze the touchline as he beat the last defender.

Both sides battled strongly with inside centre Dave Pollen finally going over for a try after some good team interplay. The two teams were closely matched throughout, with little separating them, with the final result of a draw being a fair indication of play.

No doubt the return match at SMUS in three weeks time will be one to watch. Players worth mentioning from the game for their improved play were prop Carlos Sanchez, prop/lock Alex Campbell, new scrumhalf/flyhalf combination of Chris Bjola and Sam Reid, and wings Colton Stockus and Theresa Cho. The team visits Ladysmith for a game on Tuesday, October 21st before hosting the return match against Shawnigan Lake School on Saturday, October 25th.


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