Soccer Girls Take Flight

Our U15 girls soccer team recently travelled to Winnipeg for a sixteen-team tournament. Over three days, the girls played eight games and lost three. On the last day of the tournament, the girls defeated their host, St. John’s Ravenscourt School, in an exciting and exhausting overtime game. When they were off the field, the girls visited the Royal Canadian Mint and explored the city.

Grade 9 student Ali Pollen writes about the trip.

During our soccer trip to Winnipeg, we learned how to work well as a team even though we were all in separate grades. It amazed us all how much we bonded as a team. We learnt that being aggressive is a key point in playing soccer. We gained skills throughout the time we were together; learning from each other’s mistakes and our own. As a team we held up strong positioning and pushed ourselves to our limits.

The spirit and love of the game in all of us kept us going throughout the days. Our team truly believed we were only as strong as our weakest link, so we encouraged each other to push ourselves. The adrenaline rush of a game tied 2-2 going into overtime was the most exhilarating experience. We all thought that our goalie, Bairavi Murugakumar, had to have been Buddha in her past life because of her good karma and astounding goal keeping. Every game there was at least one miraculous goal saved by her.

Defence worked well to keep Bairavi from having to save too many goals. Midfielders and forwards made it hard for the opposing teams’ goalie as well. We played teams from all over Canada and were unfortunately bumped down a division after playing Southridge (an exceptionally good team from Vancouver), but we received second place in division II.

The team would like to sincerely thank the two people that made this trip possible, Lindy Van Alstine and Jim de Goede. They organized this trip and spent unlimited hours during the summer coaching us. Everyone had so much fun during this trip and will remember it for times to come.


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